All About the people

Tim Colleran, Founder & CEO


Tim is a high-growth technology leader and entrepreneur with over 30 years experience. He founded Aspen Digital Life as a result of his personal experiences with his mother and father-in-law passing away. One of the key lessons was that you can’t deal with things that you don’t know about. He conceived of the Aspen Digital Life Manager as a way to automate the process of discovering, classifying and prioritizing a person’s online activities.

Tim is and has been a member of several boards in the for-profit and not for profit space. He is currently on the board of Life Through the Lens, a non-profit that allows families to get professional, near end of life photographs of children at no charge. He is an avid cyclist and enjoys spending time outdoors with his three kids and wife Cary. He has a BSEE from UCSB and an MBA from UCLA.



Juston Davies, Head of Technology & CTO


Juston Davies is the Technical Lead at Aspen Digital Life. Over his 15-year career he has worked with many founders to help to launch new products and companies as leader, engineer and architect. Juston has scaled many startups and also led and sustained medium sized organizations. Juston is primarily a back-end developer, focusing on thorny architectural issues; but whenever he can, he likes to collaborate to solve business problems across organizations and help to mentor and grow talent to help teams flourish.



Mark Davidson, VP of Business Development and Sales


Having spent nearly twenty years working in Silicon Valley, Mark is an established leader in the high-tech space.  When Mark lost his mother to lung cancer, he had to deal with being the estate executor.  While there was plenty of advice on handling traditional aspects of the estate, Mark realized there was little to nothing to help with digital estate planning.  That’s when Mark met Tim and decided to join Aspen Digital Life.

Known for much of his career as “Marketing Davidson”, Mark has a unique ability to use his marketing mindset to positively affect businesses.  Mark is proud of his U.S. Patent in digital marketing and of his two brilliant high schoolers.  Mark has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University and is an avid fan of the success Penn State scholar athletes are having on the field and in the classroom.



Melissa Gelfand,Marketing Director


Melissa has more than 20 years’ experience in communications, bringing together her innate creativity and insatiable curiosity with her lifelong passion for storytelling. She loves a challenge and enjoys making the complex simple. After losing two family members within four days, Melissa became acutely aware of difficulties in digital estate planning. When she heard about Aspen Digital Life, Melissa knew her extensive experience in branding, corporate and product marketing, and digital strategy could help build awareness for this much-needed, innovative new technology.Intuitive, insightful and positive, Melissa has helped technology, life sciences, CPG, aviation and retail organizations with her innovation mindset, strategic thinking, strong decision-making and detailed organizational skills, successfully leading and executing countless programs.

She earned her bachelor’s degrees in political science and international affairs from University of Colorado at Boulder and her master’s degree in public policy and administration from University of Colorado’s School of Public Affairs. She serves on boards for the University of Colorado’s Gynecologic Oncology department and Regis Jesuit High School.



Richard Terrill, Board member and Advisor


For 30+ years I have been leading teams and managing companies in high technology sectors (machine intelligence, electronics systems, semiconductors, EDA, eCommerce). My experience portfolio includes pre-revenue startups as well as billion-dollar industry leaders. My expertise domains include business development, marketing, operations, product realization and general management.

I started my career in engineering (product & apps), and have progressed to the Vice President level in marketing, business and operations. Along that trajectory I developed deep expertise in managing complex programs and projects, and understand the importance of building “whole products” that delight customers. My university education (BS Physics – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) provided me with the strong foundation required to build and manage technology firms.



Heather Langendorfer, Founder and Advisor


Heather is a serial entrepreneur and a multi-dimensional Marketing and Strategy professional. Her career includes time at Fortune 1000 companies as well as being a solo entrepreneur.  She has a broad range of hands-on experience as founder and president of Atalanta athletic wear and of Perc, an early pioneer in the co-working space. Heather Co-Founded Aspen Digital Life. Her career experiences, as well as personal experiences with a parent, have been critical to the development of Aspen Digital Life. 



Luanne Dauber, Advisor


Luanne Dauber is an enterprise executive with nearly twenty years of experience in marketing, product management, sales and leadership.  Luanne is adept at building and scaling teams of high performers, teaming with sales to build a revenue pipeline, creating go-to-market opportunities and executing in hyper-growth environments.



Tim Southgate, Advisor


Tim Southgate is the CEO of AppColl Inc., a leading cloud-based intellectual property management software company he co-founded in 2009. Prior to founding AppColl, Tim was Vice President of Software eEngineering at Stream Processors, a Stanford-based start-up developing massively parallel processors. Prior to Stream, Tim held various senior management positions at Altera Corp., including Vice President of Corporate Marketing, and Vice President of Software Engineering. Tim has a BSEE from Southhampton University in the UK and an MBA from Santa Clara University. He holds 24 patents.



Craig LeClair, Advisor


Craig has over 30 years of high tech experience specializing in marketing, security and information technology.  He spent most of his career at Altera Corporation in executive roles running several product and segment marketing groups and leading the information technology organization as the Chief Information Officer.   After being acquired by Intel, Craig has spent his time advising start-ups focused on information security and legacy management.  When not keeping an eye out for security breaches, he enjoys watching the Golden State Warriors create a dynasty.