Minimize Stress in Palliative Care and Hospice

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End of life care for a loved one can be one of the most difficult periods in life. You face many decisions while you are already stressed, confused and exhausted. To ease the stress of such a difficult time, it’s important to prepare early.

Start conversations with loved ones early.

Ideally, begin to discuss end-of-life wishes with loved ones long before they cannot make decisions for themselves. Include the whole family in discussions and plans. Not only will these discussions help everyone understand the plan but also the why behind decision making. Without discussions and end-of-life plans, family members may disagree during the process. For help to begin the conversation, visit

Review estate planning documents and make sure you have all end-of-life care plans.

While continued conversations are important, legal documents are critical. You need proper documentation such as a living will, healthcare and durable power of attorney documents, a will and physician orders. Without those documents, palliative care and hospice may become even more difficult than you already imagined. 

A new part of estate planning to consider is digital estate planning. Most people spend time online managing personal business and social connections. But, few have directed loved ones how to manage online assets and shutdown online lives. If your loved one has not reviewed and provided access to online accounts, social profiles, medical records, photos, videos and other stored online files, get started. Begin the conversation and help them to document these assets right away. Aspen Digital Life can help you do this quickly and securely

Talk about end-of-life care.

Hospice and palliative care provide medical, emotional and spiritual support for terminally ill patients and their families. Discussing options early and how your loved one wants to live their life is helpful to understand their wishes.

Aspen Digital Life Manager can help with digital estate planning to find, organize, prioritize your online accounts or those of your loved ones in minutes rather than hours.

Aspen Digital Life is here to guide you through the digital estate planning. Reach out to us with any questions or you can send us a Tweet@AspenDigiLife. You may also want to learn more about “The ABCs of Digital Legacy Management“.