Priority #1, Privacy and Data Security

At Aspen Digital Life we have a pretty simple belief – your data is your data. Period. The security and privacy of your data is critical to our business, so we don’t mess around. We use state of the art technologies to anonymize information we send to cloud, to encrypt data and we don’t keep anything that is in anyway connected to you.  Here is a little more insight.


Data encryption – we use advanced encryption technologies, some of which are used in banking and health care to protect your data. It is encrypted on your machine, while in transfer to our cloud, while in our cloud and when returned to you. This is commonly called encryption in flight and at rest.


Filtering of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – Before we upload your data, we filter out as much personally identifiable information as we can. While we can’t guarantee that we get every last bit of it. We eliminate well over 99% of PII before we upload. We also filter out personal information such as map locations and web searches to further protect your privacy.


Anonymous Uploads – Your data is uploaded to the cloud for classification without your username or password attached. It is anonymous. Your username is used strictly to validate that you have paid for the product, not to store any information regarding your data.


Your data is in our cloud for a very brief time – A typical users’ data is in the cloud for less than a minute. We upload the data, recognize, categorize and prioritize. Once we process your data and deliver a report back to your computer, we delete the data. The only exceptions to this are some anonymous statistical data that we collect to improve our tool and digital footprints that we fail to recognize. Again, all of this is anonymous and not in any way tied back to you as an individual.


These four pillars are our commitment to you to protect your data while we are entrusted to provide you a roadmap to your digital footprints.