Let us Introduce Ourselves….

Aspen Digital Life was started with a simple mission: Help families manage their digital footprints. About 3 million people die each year in North America, most with little or no planning around what should happen with their Digital Lives. This lack of planning creates stress in an already difficult time. Additionally, it puts a tremendous burden on family members who in many cases have no idea where to start. There are a few regular outcomes as follows;


  • Lost assets
  • Lost keepsakes such as online photos and videos
  • Loss of important documents and records
  • Loss of non-traditional assets such as airline miles
  • Months of ongoing expenses from subscriptions
  • Wasted time
  • Identity theft, approximately 2.5 million deceased identities are stolen annually


Ideally more people should plan ahead and have their digital lives in order before passing. Of course, this is a relatively new problem created by the technology advances of the last ten years. We need to enter the era of “Active Digital Life Management” (ADLM). This needs to include regular review and cleaning of our digital lives as well as a healthy dose of Digital Estate Planning. Digital Estate Planning is simply ensuring that your digital life is passed along, with your wishes of what to do with it, to the appropriate person upon death. It then becomes Digital Legacy management.


To help families manage Digital Lives and Digital Legacies, we created technology that automatically discovers, filters, recognizes and prioritizes a person’s digital footprints. The Aspen Digital Life Manager enables you to manage digital footprints in life and through death. Regardless of if you are doing estate planning, changing passwords after a data breach letter, trying to reduce the risk of identity theft, changing your name on accounts post-divorce or cleaning up a loved one’s digital legacy, we have the technology. Give us 15 minutes and we will save you days in your quest for Digital Peace.