Digital Life Planning with an Elder Law Attorney


If you are working with an Elder Law Attorney, there is a good chance you or your loved one are facing mental and physical challenges associated with aging. Or, you may be responding to a diagnosis or having a loved one for which you are taking guardianship. No matter the motive, it is very important that you include yours or your loved one’s digital life in the aging conversation with your attorney; taking inventory of their online activities.

Seniors Are More Active Online Than You Think

Most people don’t readily think of this as there is an assumption that seniors are not generally tech-savvy and therefore are not engaged in online activities. In reality, many seniors have adopted technology as a way to overcome distance and loneliness, and open new accounts on various platforms from social media to online dating more than people realize. They stay in touch with friends, grandchildren and other family members.

What is generally true is that most seniors don’t inventory or track login credentials for the existence of their online lives. As a result, its often overlooked or dismissed during an interaction with an elder law attorney. However, it is important to take on this inventory and review of online accounts as soon as possible in order to minimize lost assets, stress, uncertainty, fraud and potential identity theft. Digital Life Management is one of the most important new aspects of Elder Law.

Over 2M deceased identities are stolen each year. There is now over $100B of unclaimed digital assets sitting with states and local governments. Millions of photos are left untouched and lost to a family forever.

Take Action Today

Aspen Digital Life was born from the personal experiences of the founders helping our families do end-of-life planning. We have a simple goal. Eliminate uncertainty as quickly and simply as possible. Aspen Digital Life gives you a way too quickly and securely gather online activities from a computer. We scan the computer and give you back a categorized and prioritized list of online accounts. Sometimes we even find usernames. And, we do it all in about 15 minutes. If you could use some help getting control of an online life, reach out to your attorney and ask about Aspen Digital Life.

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