Digital Declutter – Marie Kondo Style


Digital declutter is a fundamental component to simplifying and organizing one’s life. While it’s not Marie Kondo’s primary focus, she has still included the topic in her method. According to Wikipedia, “the KonMari method is a system of simplifying and organizing your home by getting rid of physical items that do not bring joy into your life” and eventually, KonMari becomes a state of mind. If you notice on her Netflix series, the true first step of the KonMari method is to take inventory of everything you own by putting all of one item into the middle of the floor to start sorting (i.e. gathering all of your clothes and throwing them into the middle of the room). The same logic applies to your online presence; you cannot declutter your digital accounts if you do not know how many accounts you have.

Most people think they have 20-30 online accounts, when in actuality, most people have 80-120 accounts!

In the case of digital decluttering, however, it is not only about sparking joy, it is also a security issue. A poorly managed digital life leads to lost assets, unnecessary expenses and an increased risk of identity theft. So, we highly recommend finding and decluttering your online accounts for yourself or a loved one in order to protect your assets, yourself, and your family.

Digital Declutter Yourself into a Happier Digital Life in 4 Steps:

  1. Download Aspen Digital Life to scan your computer (*we do not store your information)
  2. Receive the results of the number of accounts you have online and start the process of decluttering (closing accounts you no longer use) – keep in mind that a digital account online means one more opportunity for identity theft, so choose sparingly
  3. On the accounts you keep open, change the password and keep your login information in a safe space (e.g. Keeper App)
  4. Appoint your Power of Digital Accounts; someone who has access to or at least knows where you store your digital accounts login information so in the case of an emergency or death, that person can gain access immediately.

Happy digital decluttering!

Your partners to combat digital hoarding,

Aspen Digital Life