The ABCs of Digital Legacy Managment

A person’s digital legacy is what remains of their digital life after they pass away. It generally consists of four broad categories as follows:


  • Monetary assets & liabilities such as bank accounts, loans, monthly payments and investments
  • Other assets such as airline miles, hotel points, gaming assets and other loyalty services
  • Important files such as documents, family photos, medical records, music and videos
  • A person’s digital persona – who are they online? Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.


Digital Legacy Management is the active process of finding, organizing and frequently, resolving a person’s digital life. Digital Legacy Management is important as it ensures that a family is as secure and well off as possible. Generally active DLM results in 4 broad benefits.


  • Identification and preservation of assets
  • Reducing monthly expenses faster
  • Identification and preservation of important documents and digital keepsakes (photos/videos)
  • Lowering the risk of deceased identity theft


Janika System’s technology allows families to quickly identify and prioritize key pieces of the DLM process. In a time where families are grieving and very short of time, Janika will eliminate 10s of hours of very frustrating time from the DLM process. It allows families to focus the use of time to the highest impact, most important things first.