From Loss Comes Inspiration


Aspen Digital Life was born from the real-life experiences of its Founder Tim Colleran. After his mother passed, he started work on managing her digital life to preserve her digital legacy. What he thought would require 10-20 hours of work took close to 100 hours. From finding online family photos to shutting off ongoing expenses and turning social media accounts in to memorials, it was time consuming work. The biggest issue was simply not having knowledge of his mother’s digital footprints. Simply put, you don’t know what you don’t know.

After seeing other friends and family members experience the same problem, he set out to build a technology to help people start digital estate planning and automatically recover the digital activities of a lost loved one.

A Good Idea Grew Into a Broader Vision


As the Aspen Digital Life team began to develop the technology, it quickly became apparent that people were struggling to manage their digital lives on a much broader basis. The rise of data breaches and identity theft creates the need for people to change usersnames and passwords more frequently. Do you even know all of your online accounts? 

When accounts are shared, complexity increases. Marriage can lead to combining of accounts, as well as name changes, which can take a long time without having a solid list of your online activities. 

Similarly, divorce, financial planning, and even bankruptcy create the need to manage your digital life.  At whatever life stage you need to map your online activities, Aspen Digital Life has you covered.


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