What is a Digital Life?


Today, most of us spend a great deal of time online. We open accounts and create passwords to access financial, shopping, travel, entertainment and social media sites. We store photos, important documents and medical records online. All of these online activities make up our digital lives.


Find and Mange the Things that Matter Most


Your digital life creates a trail of footprints with personal data out there on the web and on your computer. The Aspen Digital Life Manager helps you actively manage it all at a specific point in time by giving you the ability to find, organize and manage the things that matter most—simply, safer, sooner.  With our automated tool, you can quickly organize a person’s digital life so that you can approach it on your own terms. We will help you preserve assets and keepsakes, reduce expenses faster and lower the risk of identity theft.

Shutdown Everything You Don’t Need


Deleting old online accounts you don’t use anymore is the first step to protect your data security and privacy, limiting your exposure to hackers and data breaches.  Our research and initial feedback from our solution shows that people typically underestimate the number of open accounts they have by 70%. 


Save Time and Frustration


Finding and cleaning up a digital life in not easy. We can help. With Aspen Digital Life Manager, you can discover and organize online accounts, preserve keepsakes, reduce expenses, lower the risk of identity theft and identify online accounts to close in 15 minutes rather than 15-20 hours on your own.


Your Privacy and Security Come First


Our system has been architected from the ground up for privacy and security. We use bank-level security protocols, encrypt your data, keep none of your personal information and minimize the amount of time your data is being worked on.  Learn more about our security, here


What Will I Find?


Pretty much everything you do online leaves a record of some sort, so we will find a full range of your online accounts: 

• Banks
• Insurance companies
• Investments
• Loyalty programs (airline, hotel)
• Photos & other keepsakes (Shutterfly, Snapfish, etc.)
• Music & videos
• Social (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest)
• Blogs
• Retail store accounts
• Medical records
• Ancestry records
• Memberships
• Files in storage (Dropbox)

A summary report of what we have found by category. The detailed report shows the specifics of each on-line account.