“Once my Grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it was clear the signs had been there for a long time. Unfortunately, we deceived ourselves for years. We had no time left to be proactive, we were just reacting. Over time has it has become clear what we lost”


                                                                        —– Tim from Colorado

What Will Be Lost or Forgotten?


Aspen Digital Life was born from the personal experiences of the founders. We have personally experienced the challenges & uncertainty that comes from a family member struggling with memory loss.  All too frequently the signs of memory loss are missed or ignored until action has to be take right away, leaving little time to really get organized.

Memory Care for a loved one can be one of the most difficult periods of time you will face. You are left trying to resolve so many challenges, in little time and without enough direction. You simply don’t have the time, or your family member does not have the capacity to spend hours organizing online accounts. Aspen Digital Life Manager gives you a way too quickly and securely gather the online accounts from your, or your loved ones, computer.


Discover, Categorize and Prioritize Online Accounts in 15 Minutes


Aspen Digital Life finds online accounts for you in a matter of minutes. We use banking-level security protocols to ensure your security and privacy. Once you have the information, you can save it for later, or discuss critical accounts with your loved one at a pace that is appropriate to your situation. See the types of things we find here.




Scan a Computer

Gather a full listing of the online activities on a loved ones computer.


Categorize Accounts

In seconds, we securely simplify, categorize and prioritize online activities.

Recommend Priorities

Filter and Report

Our intelligent filters allow you to pick and choose what is important to you. Then save to PDF or XLS.



Find Digital Peace Quickly and Securely


You might be proactively documenting your digital life, or trying to recover it for a loves one experiencing memory loss. Either way, we help you find the most important items quickly and securely in a period where time is critical. Aspen Digital Life provides the ideal solution to getting “enough” done in the present to make the future much easier.


Preserve Assets

Find Banks, Insurance, Investments, Airline Miles… What’s in your digital wallet?

Reduce Expenses, Quickly

Our technology provides you with an inventory of online accounts and websites, prioritized by category, in 15 minutes or less. Quickly eliminate unneeded expenses.

Reduce Risk of Identity Theft

More than 15 million identities are stolen every year. Our lives are forever digitally connected. Shutting down accounts reduces the likelihood of security breach.

Preserve Keepsakes

Modern heirlooms include photos, blogs, code and other soft assets. Do you know where they are? Find them fast!

Secure Records

Whether it’s medical or ancestry records. You might want to hold on to these. 

Move quickly to preserve more of everything


So many people struggle with memory care issues and the transition into assisted living. The founders of Aspen Digital Life have been through it and we understand the costs of not preparing. Loved ones need to sort it all out in a time filled with stress, frustration, concern and uncertainty. With our help you can minimize…..

  • Stress from not knowing what to do or how to do it
  • Significant time loss from trying to find digital accounts
  • Loss of on-line documents such as family photos and videos
  • Ongoing subscription expenses going for months
  • Increased risk of Identity theft

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