“I recently received a data breach letter from a major hotel chain. They told me to change my usernames & passwords in all my online accounts. I realized I had no idea how many accounts I had. The Aspen Digital Life Manager found over 100 in minutes.”


                                                        —– Mary Anne, Laramie Wyoming

More Than Free Credit Monitoring


Data breach letters have become so common that many people are starting to ignore them. It is the last thing you want to do as data breaches commonly result in identity theft. Victims of identity theft commonly spend over 30 hours to initially fix their credit and then additional time monitoring it forever. This is real life experience, it happened to one of our founders.

The typical letter you get in the mail gives some really good advice. Freeze your credit and change your usernames and passwords. Additionally you should be closing online accounts you no longer use. Each one is future data breach waiting to happen. Each one is another way a hacker can get into your life. But do you really remember all of your online accounts? Aspen Digital Life Manager can help to quickly find online accounts you have logged into from your computers.

Discover, Categorize and Prioritize Online Accounts in 15 Minutes


Aspen Digital Life finds online accounts for you in a matter of minutes. We use banking-level security protocols to ensure your security and privacy. Once you have the information, you can save it for later, or discuss critical accounts with your loved one at a pace that is appropriate to your situation. See the types of things we find here.




Scan a Computer

Gather a full listing of the online activities on a loved ones computer.


Categorize Accounts

In seconds, we securely simplify, categorize and prioritize online activities.

Recommend Priorities

Filter and Report

Our intelligent filters allow you to pick and choose what is important to you. Then save to PDF or XLS.


Find Digital Peace Quickly and Securely

You know that changing passwords regularly is the right thing to do, but few of us follow that advice. Once a data breach or Identity theft hits, you need to move quickly. Aspen Digital Life provides the ideal solution to quickly change your first line of defense to Identity theft.    

Preserve Assets

Find Banks, Insurance, Investments, Airline Miles… What’s in your digital wallet?

Reduce Expenses, Quickly

Our Digital Legacy Management platform provides you with an inventory of digital footprints, prioritized by category in 15 minutes or less.

Reduce Risk of Identity Theft

2.5 million deceased identities are stolen every year. Our lives are forever digitally connected. Shutting down accounts reduces the likelihood of security breach.

Preserve Keepsakes

Modern heirlooms include photos, blogs, code and other soft assets. Find your birthright.

Secure Records

Whether it’s medical or ancestry records. You might want to hold on to these.


Waiting is the Last Thing You Want to Do


Hundreds of millions of people are a part of data breaches each year. More than 15 million people have their identity stolen annually. Identity theft results in long hours, lost sleep, stress, financial loss and damage to your credit report. When you get the data breach letter jump on it. Get your usernames and passwords changed and get those unused accounts closed. Use Aspen Digital Life Manager to find your online accounts in just 15 minutes. Prioritize based on type of account and frequency of use. Then, make the required changes or simply close out unused accounts.

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