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Find Your Online Accounts in Three Steps 


Finding your online accounts can be done in three simple steps using the Aspen Digital Life Manager. Once our program is downloaded and running we start with a “Scan” which collects “digital footprints” from your computer. The second step is the categorization & prioritization process. This process uses cloud intelligence to generate a simplified report of your online accounts. Finally, you pick and choose filters to determine the data that you want to see. Then simply output your report


Scan a Computer

Gather a full listing of the online activities from a computer.


Categorize Accounts

In seconds, we securely simplify, categorize and prioritize online activities.

Recommend Priorities

Filter and Report

Our intelligent filters allow you to pick and choose what is important to you. Then save to PDF or XLS.

The free initial scan shows just how much we can pull from your computer.

The full product will categorize your results as a first step.....

.....and then you can dig into more detail on each service.

There are also several options for filtering and exporting your data.

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Are you an estate or financial planner looking to improve your client offerings?

We offer solutions to help you attract new clients and create more value for your existing clients with a comprehensive Digital Legacy Management tracking system to allow you greater visibility to your client’s accounts.