“My estate attorney asked me to catalog my online accounts. I got to about 15 and then had a hard time remembering.  When my internet search found Aspen Digital Life, I was relieved. I found a company to help me find my digital accounts.”


                                                                    —– Rupert, Lansing Michigan

Good Planning Takes a Lot of Time, Unless….


At Aspen Digital Life we have all been through the Estate and Financial planning process. Finding the big stuff that you use every day is easy. Then it is either a lot of digging or just sending your representative information as you find it. 

Less than 10% of all Americans have spent any time doing digital estate planning. Aspen Digital Life can give you a giant head start on your digital estate and financial planning. Give us 15 minutes and we will automatically find and categorize your online accounts and services. Typically, we will find 80-90% of your digital activities. All you have to do is add notes about the service and send it on to your representative.

Discover, Categorize and Prioritize Online Accounts in 15 Minutes


Aspen Digital Life finds online accounts for you in a matter of minutes. We use banking-level security protocols to ensure your security and privacy. Once you have the information, you can save it for later, or discuss critical accounts with your loved one at a pace that is appropriate to your situation. See the types of things we find here.




Scan a Computer

Gather a full listing of the online activities from a computer.


Categorize Accounts

In seconds, we securely simplify, categorize and prioritize online activities.

Recommend Priorities

Filter and Report

Our intelligent filters allow you to pick and choose what is important to you. Then save to PDF or XLS.



Find Digital Peace Quickly and Securely


Estate and financial planning can be a stressful time. Getting all the right data together quickly and efficiently is a key part of the process and very frequently it is only partially done. We can help. Give us 15 minutes and we will help you find digital peace.


Preserve Assets

Find Banks, Insurance, Investments, Airline Miles… What’s in your digital wallet?

Reduce Expenses, Quickly

Our Digital Legacy Management platform provides you with an inventory of digital footprints, prioritized by category in 15 minutes or less.

Reduce Risk of Identity Theft

2.5 million deceased identities are stolen every year. Our lives are forever digitally connected. Shutting down accounts reduces the likelihood of security breach.

Preserve Keepsakes

Modern heirlooms include photos, blogs, code and other soft assets. Find your birthright.

Secure Records

Whether it’s medical or ancestry records. You might want to hold on to these.

Tempted to Wait? It May Cost You


Ask any estate planner or financial planner and they will tell you getting their clients to give a complete listing of assets and other important sites is always a challenge. It is a simple 80/20 rule where most of the important stuff is easy and the less important items take the most time. We help solve that problem. Find it all in minutes with Aspen Digital Life. Don’t settle for a partially complete estate plan. Ensure you have everything in your financial planning. Finding just a single important account with us can have a very high payback. Additionally, knowing you have done a more thorough job will lower stress by ensuring you have done the best you can for your family.

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