Get Control of a Digital Life


North Americans typically have more than 100 active online accounts. Many have not been logged into in years. At the same time, most people think they have less than 20 active accounts. The number keeps growing, and so do the complications of managing them. Each account is a future data breach waiting for you to be a part of.

Aspen Digital Life quickly analyzes the digital footprints on a computer to give you an overview of its online accounts and websites visited. We enable efficient and effective estate planning, financial planning, account management, the finding and closing of accounts when you have lost a loved one. We help you through life’s more complex moments such as marriage, having kids, divorce, hospice and death. 

Give us 15 minutes and we will save you days.

The Benefits of Aspen Digital Life

Preserve Assets

Find Banks, Insurance, Investments, Airline Miles… 

Reduce Expenses, Quickly

Our categorized report allows you to find and eliminate ongoing expenses quickly.

Reduce Risk of Identity Theft

Over 15 million living and 2.5 million deceased identities are stolen every year.  Shutting unused accounts is the first step in identity protection.

Clean Up Unused Accounts

Locate and manage the shutdown of unused digital accounts. Do it for yourself or take care of a loved ones legacy.

Preserve Keepsakes

Modern heirlooms include photos, blogs, documents and other soft assets. Make sure your family know where they are located. Or, find the heirlooms of a lost loved one.

Secure Records

Whether it’s medical or ancestry records. You want to hold on to these.

Are you an estate or financial planner looking to improve your client offerings?

We offer a white label solution to help you attract new clients and generate more revenue with a comprehensive Digital Legacy Management tracking system to allow you greater visibility to your client’s accounts.