“The founding team at Aspen Digital Life have all experienced challenging life events. From Alzheimer’s to loss of a loved one in hospice and more. We feel it is important to give back to the organizations that have supported us through those times”  

                                                                         —– Tim Colleran, Founder and CEO

Giving back – You Donate, You Download


Simply donate $15 or more to one of the organizations highlighted below and we will give you 3 months free access to our solution.

Aspen Digital Life was born from the personal experiences of the founders. We have had the support of many deserving organizations throughout life. In addition to our individual commitments, we believe it is critical to have our company offer support as well. 


ADL’s Charitable Focus: Alzheimer’s and Dementia


Did you know memory loss related diseases affect more than 7M people in North America? When a family member is diagnosed, all family members become caregivers. One challenging aspect is getting a handle on the life of the loved one. People with memory loss are some of the most vulnerable to ID theft, fraud and lost assets, made worse by the growing geographic distances between families. Our solution helps those families quickly identify online accounts of activities of their loved ones.


Get Your Free Download


1) Donate $15 or more to one of the organizations below — (use links below)

2) Email a screen shot or other evidence of your donation to [email protected] DO NOT share personal or credit card information. If you have made a recent donation, that works as well.

3) We will email a voucher code to enable the software. It can be used on three computers for three months

4) Download, install and run. At the payment screen put in your voucher.


Our Chosen Organizations

Alzheimer’s Association

 Donate here

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

 Donate here

Alzheimer’s Society of Canada

 Donate here

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

 Donate here

Dementia Society of America

 Donate here